Saturday, 9 May 2015

Shh! Its working!

Well, after a couple of very fragile weeks, it looks like out OpenStack environment is working and seems stable at the moment!

We've been running some test VMs on it whilst we work through the initial teething issues including some users from Warwick building an environment on there - they were using our IceHouse config, until it ate itself. - RabbitMQ got upset and that was that - as long as we didn;t want to change anything, the VMs carried on running, and we managed to pull all the images into the Juno install. I'm not sure there is a proper process for that, but what we did worked.

But this weekend CLIMB are running a Hackthon with users who aren't from our inner circle of alpha testers. I thought I'd have a quick check to see how they were getting on and there appear to VMs running for the weekend, and no emails in my mailbox (or WhatsApp messages either) complaining that stuff wasn't working!

I won't say it hasn't been a lot of work to get to this point, but I'm pretty happy to see VMs for others running on there!

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