Monday, 29 August 2016

This is why we choose Mellanox Infiniband

A short while back, Mellanox asked us to make a short video on why we use Mellanox Infiniband. The process of making the video was interesting, it cause a little disruption in our data centre as we had to work out how to switch the lights out to get some of the shots (not easy when they are motion sensor activated!). But it looks good and I'm amazed how fast they turned around the shoot into a fully edited, subtitled and approved video, just goes to show they don't just make fast networks!

If you were at ISC 2016 in Frankfurt, you may have seen the video playing on the Mellanox giant video wall about every 8 minutes!

When they asked, we were more than happy to make a video with them, I like their technology, I like the ConnectX-4 card as it has a lot of acceleration features for the private cloud solutions we are delivering!

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